July 26


How To Calm A Hamster Down

By Mandy Thompson

July 26, 2023


Are you looking for some top tips on how to calm a hamster down? Hamsters are adorable little critters, but they can be quite skittish and require specialized care in order to ensure their health and happiness. Our handy guide will provide you with all the info you’ll need to keep your furry friend content and relaxed by teaching you how to identify signs of stress and what actions can help reduce tension levels. Let’s get started!

Establish a regular routine for feeding, handling, and playing with your hamster

Hamsters are adorable, energetic creatures that are sure to bring joy to any household. However, it’s important to establish a regular routine for feeding, handling, and playing with your furry friend. By setting aside a consistent time each day to interact with your hamster, they will become more familiar with you and your surroundings. Feeding your hamster on a regular schedule will also help them stay healthy and maintain a balanced diet. Handling your hamster regularly is another way to bond with them and ensure they are comfortable being touched. And don’t forget about playtime! Hamsters are active animals that need plenty of exercises, so make sure to provide them with toys and opportunities to explore their environment. With a little bit of planning and dedication, you can establish a routine that will keep your hamster happy and healthy for years to come.

Create a comfortable environment by including hiding spots, tunnels, and climbing spaces

A comfortable environment is essential for any pet to thrive, and that includes creating a space that allows them to feel safe and secure. One way to achieve this is by providing hiding spots, tunnels, and climbing spaces. Not only do these elements offer a sense of privacy, but they also promote exploration and exercise. Your furry friend will love having a designated spot to burrow or a tunnel to run through. Climbing spaces also provide added mental stimulation, allowing them to climb, jump, and play to their heart’s content. So, whether you’re designing a space for a cat, dog, or any other pet, don’t forget to include these essential features and watch as they quickly become the go-to spots for play and rest.

Develop a calming scent by sprinkling lavender oil in the cage or using calming bedding

Are you looking for a way to relax your furry friend? Sprinkling lavender oil in their cage or using calming bedding can do just the trick! Lavender has been known for its soothing properties for centuries, and now your pet can benefit from them too. Not only will it help calm them down, but the scent can also leave their sleeping area smelling fresh and pleasant. Give it a try and see how much more relaxed your pet can be with just a simple addition.

Provide plenty of activities such as chew toys, exercise wheels, and playhouses

As pet owners, we all want the best for our furry friends. And when it comes to keeping them happy and healthy, providing plenty of activities is key. Chew toys are not only great for keeping your pet’s teeth clean and healthy, but they also provide a satisfying way for them to release their natural chewing instincts. Exercise wheels are perfect for small pets like hamsters and mice, as they allow them to get plenty of exercises and satisfy their natural urge to run. And playhouses provide a safe and engaging environment for pets to explore and play in. By incorporating these types of activities into your pet’s daily routine, you’re sure to keep them entertained and energized. So why not spoil your furry friend with some new toys and playthings today?

Talk to your hamster in a soft voice so it gets used to your presence

Hamsters are curious and energetic little creatures, but they can also be easily startled. If you want to gain the trust of your new furry friend, it’s important to approach it with care. One way to do this is by speaking to your hamster in a soft and gentle tone. This will help it get used to your presence and feel more comfortable around you. It may take some time, but with patience and consistency, you’ll soon see your hamster warming up to you and even seeking out your company. So next time you’re near your hamster’s cage, give it a friendly greeting in a calm and soothing voice. Who knows, you may just start a conversation with your new little buddy!

Spend time with your pet regularly so that it becomes familiar with you and trusts you more easily

Your furry friend is not just a cute addition to your family but also a loyal companion that needs your attention and care. Spending time with your pet regularly is vital to maintain a healthy and trusting relationship. By doing so, you can create a bond that will make your pet feel safe and secure around you. Whether you take your dog for a walk, play with your cat, or simply cuddle with your bunny, every loving interaction will help build stronger ties between you and your pet. So, make it a priority to carve out some quality time for your beloved animal friend, and watch as your bond grows deeper and more rewarding with each passing day.


In summary, if you want to keep your hamster happy and healthy, establishing a regular routine is key. Keeping their environment comfortable by providing hiding spots, tunnels, and climbing spaces will help create a calming atmosphere and make them feel more at ease in their space. Provide activities like chew toys, exercise wheels, and playhouses to give them something fun to do, talk to them in a soft voice so they get used to you being around, and try to spend time with your pet on the regular so that the bond between the two of you can grow stronger. All of these measures will ensure that you have a happy hamster all through its life.

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