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How To Choose The Right Size Cage For Sugar Gliders

By Mandy Thompson

July 26, 2023


If you’re thinking about welcoming a sugar glider into your home, you may be wondering what size cage they need to be comfortable and happy. Getting the right size cage is essential for the health of these small marsupials, as it not only helps create an appropriate environment but also provides them with enough space to get exercise and play. Choosing the proper-sized cage requires that factors like breed and lifestyle are taken into account—and doing so will ensure maximum safety, comfort, and happiness for your new fuzzy family member. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to do just that!

Consider the size of your sugar gliders when selecting a cage

Before choosing a habitat for your sugar gliders, it’s essential to consider their size. These adorable creatures require plenty of space to thrive in captivity since they are quite active and love to move around. The cage should be roomy enough to accommodate their needs, including a space for sleeping, eating, playing, and exercising. It’s recommended to select a cage that is at least 24 inches wide, 24 inches long, and 36 inches tall. A larger space can provide more opportunities for your sugar gliders to explore, which ensures they remain happy and healthy. Investing in a spacious cage will not only keep your pets content and comfortable, but it will also promote their well-being in the long run.

Measure the dimensions of the cage and make sure it is large enough to accommodate your pet and any accessories or toys that will be inside

Your furry friend deserves the best, and that includes a comfortable and spacious home to call their own. Before bringing home a cage, take the time to measure its dimensions and ensure it can accommodate your pet and any accessories or toys they will need to thrive. After all, a cage isn’t just a place to sleep – it’s a habitat, a playground, and a sanctuary. With a little preparation and attention to detail, you can give your pet the perfect home that fits their every need.

Choose a cage with multiple levels so your sugar glider can explore different spaces

Sugar gliders are active and curious animals that love to explore their surroundings. If you’re a proud owner of a sugar glider, it’s important to provide them with a suitable living space where they can climb, jump, and explore to their heart’s content. Choosing a cage with multiple levels is an excellent way to create a fun and exciting home for your furry friend. With these types of cages, your sugar glider can climb up and down between different levels, exploring various spaces and encountering new challenges along the way. This can help keep them mentally stimulated and physically fit, leading to a happier and healthier sugar glider. So don’t hesitate to invest in a cage with multiple levels – your sugar glider will thank you for it!

Ensure that there are no sharp edges or corners on the cage, as these can injure your pet

As pet owners, it’s important to ensure the safety and well-being of our furry friends. One of the ways we can do this is by providing them with a comfortable and safe living space. This means paying close attention to the design and construction of their cages. In particular, it’s crucial to eliminate any sharp edges or corners that could potentially harm our pets. While it may seem like a minor detail, a thoughtfully designed cage can make all the difference in the world for the health and happiness of our furry family members. So, if you’re a pet owner, be sure to carefully inspect your pet’s cage for any potential hazards and make the necessary adjustments to ensure their safety.

Look for cages made with durable materials, such as metal or plastic, which provide extra stability for your sugar glider

When searching for a cage for your beloved sugar glider, durability should be at the forefront of your mind. You want to make sure that your glider will not be able to escape easily and that the cage will provide a stable environment. Choosing cages made with durable materials, such as metal or plastic, is a great way to ensure a sturdy home for your pet. These materials are tough and can withstand the inevitable wear and tear that comes with owning a pet. So, when shopping for cages, keep an eye out for those made with durable materials. Your sugar glider will thank you for providing a safe and secure place to call home!

Add a few branches and perches to the inside of the cage to give your sugar glider more places to climb and explore

If you want to provide your sugar glider with a more enriching living environment, consider adding a few additional branches and perches inside their cage. These furry little creatures love to climb, jump, and explore, so providing them with plenty of opportunities to do so will make them happier and healthier. Plus, having more places to explore will help prevent boredom and behavior issues, such as excessive grooming or chewing on their cage bars. So, invest in some new branches of varying sizes and shapes, and arrange them in different configurations throughout the cage. You can also add other forms of enrichment, such as hanging toys, tunnels, and hammocks, to make your sugar glider’s home even more exciting. With a little effort and creativity, you can turn your sugar glider’s cage into a miniature adventure playground they’ll love to call home.


In summary, finding a suitable cage for your pet sugar glider is an important step in providing the ultimate care and living environment for your furry companion. When selecting a cage, assessing the size, material type, and design are all essential factors to keep in mind. Furthermore, adding branches or perches inside the cage to increase exploration activity can be fun and entertaining for your sugar glider. Finally, always ensure that your chosen cage is made of reliable materials so that your furry friend can enjoy a safe and comfortable home. With the right cage and accessories, you will be sure to make your sugar glider’s habitat just as inviting as they make yours!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What’s the minimum size of the cage for a sugar glider?

A1: The recommended minimum size of cage for a sugar glider is 24 inches wide, 24 inches long, and 36 inches tall.

Q2: How can I make my sugar glider’s habitat more exciting?

A2: You can make your sugar glider’s habitat more exciting by adding branches or perches inside the cage to increase exploration activity. Additionally, you can add other forms of enrichment, such as hanging toys, tunnels, and hammocks.

Q3: What kind of materials are best for making a safe living space for my pet?

A3: When selecting a cage, it is important to choose one made with durable materials such as metal or plastic that provides extra stability for your pet. Avoid cages with sharp edges or corners, which could potentially harm your pets.  

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