About us

Mandy Thompson, the heart and soul behind the oh-so-lovable blog site, Tiny Paws Tales. Tucked away in the enchanting countryside of Vermont, Mandy has made it her life's mission to share the joy of furry friendships with hamsters, guinea pigs, gerbils, chinchillas, sugar gliders, and chipmunks - each one as adorable as the next!

Ever since she was a little girl back in the 80's, growing up in Burlington, Vermont, Mandy has been completely smitten with all the cute tiny friends. The love story began with Ginger, her very first hamster pet, and since then, it's been a furry flurry of cute, cuddly stream in Mandy's life.

Spurred on by her pet-love, Mandy earned her degree in Zoology. She then set off on an adventure, working in animal rehab centers and zoos, always surrounded by her favorite tiny creatures. But she noticed something missing: a place where people could learn about, understand, and truly appreciate these wonderful pets. And so, in 2018, Tiny Paws Tales was born!

Tiny Paws Tales is like a treasure trove of adorable anecdotes, handy care tips, and expert insights for fellow rodent-lovers. Mandy's heartwarming tales and her unwavering dedication to the wellbeing of these cute critters shines in every blog post she shares. From setting up a comfy and cozy home for a gerbil to the perfect dinner menu for a chinchilla or a sugar glider, Mandy has got it all covered!

When she's not spreading smiles and knowledge through Tiny Paws Tales, Mandy is out and about, championing for our furry friends in local and national animal welfare circles. She's a firm believer in the joy and responsibility of pet ownership and she's passionate about protecting our wild rodents and their homes.

When she's not writing, researching or sharing cuddles with her furry family, she loves to explore the lush landscapes of Vermont, watch the birds, and capture precious moments on camera.