July 27


How To Feed Birds Without Attracting Rodents

By Mandy Thompson

July 27, 2023

Drawing in a variety of birds to your backyard can not only be an enjoyable experience, but it is also beneficial for both our feathered friends and the environment. However, if you don’t know how to properly attract birds without also inviting pesky rodents into your sanctuary, then you may quickly find yourself with quite the dilemma! Not only do rodents make a mess by spilling birdseed all over the place, but they are also never-ending scavengers that could put other small animals or pets in danger if left unchecked. In this blog post, we will discuss ideas on how to feed birds while keeping unwanted rodent visitors away from your bird food sources.

Invest in an appropriate bird feeder that has a lid and perches

As birdwatching gains popularity, investing in a quality bird feeder is a great way to attract a variety of feathered friends to your yard. However, not all feeders are created equal. It’s important to choose one with a lid to protect the bird seed from the elements and prevent greedy squirrels from stealing a snack. Additionally, perches provide birds with a comfortable place to rest while they dine. Choosing an appropriate feeder not only benefits the birds but also provides the perfect opportunity to observe their behavior up close. So, grab your binoculars and get ready to welcome some new avian visitors!

Avoid leaving seeds on the ground – opt for bird tables or seed trays instead

If you’re a bird lover and enjoy seeing them visit your garden, it’s important also to consider their safety. Leaving seeds on the ground may attract birds. Still, it can also leave them vulnerable to predators and other dangers. Instead, opt for bird tables or seed trays to provide a platform for the birds to feed from. This not only keeps them safe but also allows you to control better the amount of food being given, ensuring that it doesn’t go to waste or attract unwanted wildlife. By providing a safe and controlled feeding option, you’ll be able to enjoy watching birds in your garden while also promoting their well-being.

Keep bird feeders away from other sources of food, like compost heaps or pet bowls

Bird feeders are a great way to attract beautiful feathered friends to your yard, but it’s important to keep them away from other sources of food. Compost heaps and pet bowls may seem like convenient spots, but they can also draw in unwanted guests like rodents and raccoons, who can easily access the seeds and create a mess. Keeping bird feeders in a separate area not only ensures that your feathered friends will have a safe and clean space to dine but it also prevents any potential issues with other animals. So, next time you decide to set up a bird feeder, remember to choose a location wisely and keep it far from other sources of food. Your backyard visitors will thank you for it!

Clean up after the birds regularly to make sure no scraps are left behind

As cute and harmless as birds may seem, they can actually create quite a mess! Whether you have a pet bird or simply enjoy feeding the wild birds outside, it’s important to clean up after them to avoid any unsanitary clutter regularly. Leftover scraps can not only attract pests and insects, but they can also create a slippery and hazardous surface. Plus, nobody wants to step in, bird doo-doo! By making it a habit to clean up after your feathered friends, you’ll keep the area clean while also discouraging any unwanted critters from making a visit.

Place your bird feeders in a spot where they won’t attract rodents like squirrels or mice

As a bird lover, there’s nothing quite like waking up to the sound of chirping outside your window. However, when your bird feeder starts to attract more than just feathered friends, it can quickly become a nuisance. Squirrels and mice are often the biggest culprits, nibbling away at the seed meant for your winged visitors. To avoid this problem, strategic placement is key. Find a spot for your feeder that’s out of reach of these pesky rodents, whether it’s hanging from a tree branch or mounted on a pole. With a little foresight, you can ensure that your feathered friends get all the nourishment they need without having to share it with unwelcome guests.

Don’t use suet cakes if you don’t want to attract rats or mice

Suet cakes are a popular choice for bird feeders, but did you know that they can also attract unwanted guests? Rats and mice are known to be attracted to suet cakes and can easily make their way to your feeder. This can create a problem not only for the birds, who may be driven away from the feeder but also for you, as rodents can carry disease and cause damage to your property. If you want to keep your bird feeder free of pests, it’s best to choose a different type of bird food that won’t be as appealing to rats and mice.


Investing in a bird feeder and its accessories is a wonderful way to invite these vibrant birds into your yard. Fortunately, it does not take much effort to make sure your new feathered friends are well taken care of. By finding the right feeder for the species of birds in your area, keeping the ground clean from scraps, placing your feeder away from other sources of food, and avoiding suet cakes that could attract rodents, you can give them a safe and nourishing place to eat without worry. In return, you will be blessed with beautiful creatures that abound as they flutter around while chirping away happily, giving you something pleasing to see each time you walk outside or look through your window!

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