July 26


How To Keep Rodents Out Of Your Home In The Winter

By Mandy Thompson

July 26, 2023


Winters are one of the most difficult times when it comes to rodent control. Not only are rodents looking for warm, cozy places to nest and find food sources – your home becomes a prime target! Keeping these pesky critters out during the cold months can be quite challenging, but with these tips and tricks, you’ll learn how to protect your home from an invasion of mice, rats, squirrels, and more. A few proactive steps can go a long way in keeping rodents away from your living spaces. Read on to learn effective DIY strategies that help keep winter pests out of your home!

Clean up around the outside of your house to eliminate potential nesting grounds for rodents

As the weather warms up, it’s time to start thinking about the state of the outside of your home. One thing that can easily go unnoticed is the buildup of debris and clutter that can serve as a cozy nesting ground for rodents. Not only can this lead to an influx of these unwelcome pests, but it can also create an unsightly and potentially hazardous environment. By taking the time to clear away any debris, trim overgrown plants, and properly dispose of any garbage, you can help keep your home and yard clean, safe, and rodent-free. Plus, the added bonus of a tidy outdoor space is sure to make your home even more enjoyable to spend time in.

Seal up any cracks or holes in the walls, windows, and doors that could be used as entry points by rodents

As temperatures drop, it’s easy for small rodents to seek shelter and sneak into our homes through any tiny gaps they can find. We may not even notice it, but small cracks and holes in our walls, windows, and doors can be entry points for these unwelcome visitors. Not only can they damage our homes, but they can also carry diseases and cause health problems for our families and pets. That’s why it’s essential to seal up any gaps and keep our homes secure. Taking this preventive measure can save you time, money, and stress in the long run.

Install rodent-proof door sweeps at the base of your exterior doors

Keeping unwanted visitors out of your home is crucial, and rodents are no exception. Installing rodent-proof door sweeps at the base of your exterior doors can be a simple and effective solution to prevent rodents from sneaking in. This door sweeps feature a brush-like design that covers the gap between the door and the floor, blocking entry for mice, rats, and other pesky critters. Not only will this protect your home from potential damage caused by rodents, but it will also give you peace of mind knowing that your living space is safe and secure. Don’t wait until it’s too late – take action now by installing rodent-proof door sweeps and keep those unwanted guests out for good!

Cut back any trees or shrubs that provide a path for rodents to access the roof of your home

Rodents can be more than just a nuisance; they can pose a serious threat to your home by chewing through electrical wires and damaging insulation. One effective way to prevent these pesky creatures from accessing your roof is to cut back any trees or shrubs that may provide them with a path. With their agile climbing abilities, rodents can easily scale even the tallest of trees and enter your home through gaps in the roof. Don’t wait until it’s too late – take action and protect your home from these unwanted visitors. By removing potential pathways, you’ll be one step closer to a rodent-free home.

Store all pet food, bird seed, and other food items in tightly sealed containers

Keeping your pet’s food and other food items in tightly-sealed containers is essential to ensure the freshness and quality of the products. Not only does it help to prevent the invasion of pests like rodents and insects, but it also prevents moisture from reaching the food, which could cause mold to develop. Additionally, properly storing food items can create a more organized and clean living space for both you and your pets. So why not make it a habit to store all pet food, bird seed, and other food items in tightly-sealed containers to ensure that your pets are getting the best quality food possible?

Install strategically placed traps to capture any rodents who manage to access your home

Nobody wants unexpected guests in their home, particularly when those guests are furry and scurry around on four legs. Rodents like mice and rats pose a serious health risk, carrying diseases that are harmful to humans and pets alike. That’s why it’s important to take action to protect your home from these unwanted visitors. By installing strategically placed traps, you can intercept any rodents that manage to find their way inside your home. With a little bit of forethought and planning, you can keep your home safe and rodent-free.


All in all, keeping rodents away from your home is a vital measure to ensure the safety of your family and belongings. Taking proactive steps such as cleaning up around the outside of your house, sealing up possible entry points, cutting back nearby trees and shrubs, properly storing food items, and installing door sweeps can all help limit the possibility of any rodent invasions. Additionally, having strategically placed traps throughout your home can quickly remove any pests who manage to enter. Finally, proper maintenance should always be carried out over time to ensure that there are no lingering issues that allow rodents to access the home environment. By following these key steps, you will be sure to have a safely rodent-free home!

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